Well after all we live near one of the most popular beaches on the planet. Biceps curls work one of the most important beach muscle groups the......wait for it....BICEPS!!!

The curl has many different variations which hit the two heads of the biceps. The long head which is the part of the biceps that represents the “peak” and the short head of the biceps. 

As previously stated there are so many different variations to target the peak such as standing curls, preacher curls a some concentration curls. The short head can be hit with more of the barbell variations which hit that long and short head and target more mass and strength. 

Now the biceps curls unfortunately strengthen a muscle that truthfully is not a huge player in most strength exercises. Now if you are going for aesthetics and physique then hit those curls often!!

Please refer to the video to explain further and show some common variations and STAY BIG!!

Importance Of Asking Questions During ABT's

No matter who you are, there are times when we all second guess ourselves on asking questions. Whether it's because of nervousness in the response or just being afraid because you feel like you should already know the answer, there's no such thing as a dumb question if you do not know. So definitely in an atmosphere where there's at times 20-40+ people moving around non stop, questions are encouraged, in order to make our ABT's run smooth.

We as coaches never want members to feel afraid to ask us questions because we are there to help you all in reaching your goals. Not that there is a problem with asking other members, we just encourage it more to ask the coaches because it can cause confusion in the class for the next member which then results in the Domino Effect and then the next member is upset and angry due to that question that you could have ask an coach.

Members if you're confused by the explanation of an ABT or Movement in an ABT never be afraid, nor nervous to ask your coaches. We here to help you maximize those results.

Press Technique

When pressing anything overhead it is imperative to maintain core tightness. While pressing overhead may seem and sound super basic, it is all but that. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered. 

In the video pertaining to this, Alex shows us with a kettlebell the proper form and technique to pressing overhead. He shows with a kettlebell but this can be used as a tool to help with any presses including ones done with dumbbells or barbells. 

Breathing is also a huge factor to maintaing tightness through the body and press. This will help in taking pressure off of the spine and keep you from rounding your spine during the press. Inhale and hold while exhaling at top of the press will keep that body tight and safe. 

Now that we have discussed it. Please refer to the video in our Conway ISI facebook page for a visual on pressing!


Fitness is always seen especially on social media as strength, muscle, or weight loss journeys. What gets so undersold and under appreciated is the mental aspect of those journeys. After all without the correct mindset and without a strong will power, NONE of the phayical goals are achievable. 

When on any fitness journey there will always be off days and days where you do not feel like going and doing the work. This is where the proper mindset and vocabulary can curve yourself back on track. Focusing on the goals and using words such as “YET” can immediately take that don’t, no, yet, and turn them into a positive track as well as set an attainable goal. 

Failure is Feedback!! Failing is essential to success. Sounds crazy right? There are amazing lessons that can be learned from failing at something. It is how you apply and reapond to those failures that can  catapult you into success!!

From here on out, focus on that mental game and take your journeys to the next level!!

Oh So Flexual


Here at ISI Elite Training, it is a HUGE tradition of ours that we flex for a certain cause on Fridays. It’s sort of a big deal!!

Why do we flex? Better question is why don’t you?

But seriously here it is an absolutely amazing culture and an amazing group of people and we like to show our respect and family environment by flexing for our community. 

Flexing is also very beneficial. Isometric contractions are crucial to muscle bulding. When holding a flex you are isometrically working those muscles. So not only are you looking like a BEAST you are actually further benefitting from the flex as well physically. 

We have some very questionable flexing that occurs in these pictures. So keep your eyes open for a video to show abd explain the proper method for flexing!!

Stay hungry. Stay humble. Stay swole!

What is eating a balance diet mean?

What is eating balance mean????

Many of you guys have said that you have been eating clean for your nutrition. What is that really mean? Are you eating a well balanced diet?

So what is balance eating really mean?? Is clean eating means balance eating?? The answer is not necessarily.

I could be eating a banana and salads for lunch and apple and vegetables for the whole day and that could be considered "clean" eating. So what wrong this?

1. Not sufficient calories/food. Just not eating enough to be healthy.
2. Protein? There's no protein. What does protein do in your body? Repair damaged tissues
3. No balance. No protein or fats
4. Eating snack foods 

So if you want to know if you are eating balance:


1. Sufficient calorie intake. This means are you eating enough to fuel for what you are doing?
2. Eat enough protein. Each big meal should consist of a protein source
3. Eat a balance protein carbs and fats
4. Fruits and vegetables 

You have to understand that your body is a fine machine. You have to feed the machine what it needs to keep performing on top level. If lacking what it needs, it will perform poorly.

Make sure are eating balance and enough to fuel your body. You'll see a big difference when you are 


First and foremost who doesn't want perfect shoulders? Building the perfect shoulder takes time and patience. Doing three sets of front raises or lateral raise is not going to get the job done. Its going to take a lot of reps and great form to target the specific area of the shoulders you want to train.

Mind and muscle connection really comes to play when training any muscle but especially the shoulders. Deltoids are made up of three heads. The three heads of the deltoids are the Anterior, Lateral, and posterior. The lateral head of the shoulder is the most important to train when wanting broad shoulders, as well the capped looked.

When training the lateral head of the shoulder, most think the higher you raise your arms laterally the more effective the movement will be. But, the higher you raise laterally your Anterior delt and trap will become the prime movers instead of the lateral head of the shoulder. When performing the lateral raise you want to have a slight bend in your elbow, when raising your arms you want your palms slightly turned out "pinky high". But when do I stop raising them? You want to keep your hand placement below the shoulders or parallel. Keeping your hands below the shoulder will really contract that lateral head of the deltoids.

So, slight bend in the elbow, pinky high and keep those hands parallel or below the shoulder and you will feel a difference. Most importantly you will see a difference in your muscle development of the lateral head of the shoulder.


Powers Of Planking

Ahhhhh Planking

No we are not talking about the internet fad where you lie flat on random objects and try to outdo all other plankers. 

We are talking about possibly one of the best core strengthening exercises known to man kind and that is The Plank. 

Your core wraps around your entire body and is not just your abs as most people think when they hear core exercise. Major part of your core is also your lower back region as well. The low or “elbow” plank is one of the best ways to strengthen these areas. 

Your core is your foundation. Stronger core results in the ability to take your fitness abilities to the next level and can also reduce in low back pain and injury in general. I mean you wouldn’t build a house without a foundation so you cannot build the body you dream of without a strong core. 

Low or “elbow” plank being the tougher of the two forms. You will constantly hear “butt down” or “core tight”. As soon as you shoot that butt of the ground and disengage your core and compromise your shoulders. It is so important to focus on that core. 

Now the high plank which is essentially the start to a push up, is the modification if you will to a low plank. It is more of the beginner version that can start the building of that core strength to work into a low plank. 

Planks can be done at home and really anywhere so they are an exercise that can be practiced any time and will have amazing carey over to your physique and abilities in general. 

So with that all said, happy planking everyone and stay swole!!