Powers Of Planking

Ahhhhh Planking

No we are not talking about the internet fad where you lie flat on random objects and try to outdo all other plankers. 

We are talking about possibly one of the best core strengthening exercises known to man kind and that is The Plank. 

Your core wraps around your entire body and is not just your abs as most people think when they hear core exercise. Major part of your core is also your lower back region as well. The low or “elbow” plank is one of the best ways to strengthen these areas. 

Your core is your foundation. Stronger core results in the ability to take your fitness abilities to the next level and can also reduce in low back pain and injury in general. I mean you wouldn’t build a house without a foundation so you cannot build the body you dream of without a strong core. 

Low or “elbow” plank being the tougher of the two forms. You will constantly hear “butt down” or “core tight”. As soon as you shoot that butt of the ground and disengage your core and compromise your shoulders. It is so important to focus on that core. 

Now the high plank which is essentially the start to a push up, is the modification if you will to a low plank. It is more of the beginner version that can start the building of that core strength to work into a low plank. 

Planks can be done at home and really anywhere so they are an exercise that can be practiced any time and will have amazing carey over to your physique and abilities in general. 

So with that all said, happy planking everyone and stay swole!!