First and foremost who doesn't want perfect shoulders? Building the perfect shoulder takes time and patience. Doing three sets of front raises or lateral raise is not going to get the job done. Its going to take a lot of reps and great form to target the specific area of the shoulders you want to train.

Mind and muscle connection really comes to play when training any muscle but especially the shoulders. Deltoids are made up of three heads. The three heads of the deltoids are the Anterior, Lateral, and posterior. The lateral head of the shoulder is the most important to train when wanting broad shoulders, as well the capped looked.

When training the lateral head of the shoulder, most think the higher you raise your arms laterally the more effective the movement will be. But, the higher you raise laterally your Anterior delt and trap will become the prime movers instead of the lateral head of the shoulder. When performing the lateral raise you want to have a slight bend in your elbow, when raising your arms you want your palms slightly turned out "pinky high". But when do I stop raising them? You want to keep your hand placement below the shoulders or parallel. Keeping your hands below the shoulder will really contract that lateral head of the deltoids.

So, slight bend in the elbow, pinky high and keep those hands parallel or below the shoulder and you will feel a difference. Most importantly you will see a difference in your muscle development of the lateral head of the shoulder.