What is eating a balance diet mean?

What is eating balance mean????

Many of you guys have said that you have been eating clean for your nutrition. What is that really mean? Are you eating a well balanced diet?

So what is balance eating really mean?? Is clean eating means balance eating?? The answer is not necessarily.

I could be eating a banana and salads for lunch and apple and vegetables for the whole day and that could be considered "clean" eating. So what wrong this?

1. Not sufficient calories/food. Just not eating enough to be healthy.
2. Protein? There's no protein. What does protein do in your body? Repair damaged tissues
3. No balance. No protein or fats
4. Eating snack foods 

So if you want to know if you are eating balance:


1. Sufficient calorie intake. This means are you eating enough to fuel for what you are doing?
2. Eat enough protein. Each big meal should consist of a protein source
3. Eat a balance protein carbs and fats
4. Fruits and vegetables 

You have to understand that your body is a fine machine. You have to feed the machine what it needs to keep performing on top level. If lacking what it needs, it will perform poorly.

Make sure are eating balance and enough to fuel your body. You'll see a big difference when you are