Fitness is always seen especially on social media as strength, muscle, or weight loss journeys. What gets so undersold and under appreciated is the mental aspect of those journeys. After all without the correct mindset and without a strong will power, NONE of the phayical goals are achievable. 

When on any fitness journey there will always be off days and days where you do not feel like going and doing the work. This is where the proper mindset and vocabulary can curve yourself back on track. Focusing on the goals and using words such as “YET” can immediately take that don’t, no, yet, and turn them into a positive track as well as set an attainable goal. 

Failure is Feedback!! Failing is essential to success. Sounds crazy right? There are amazing lessons that can be learned from failing at something. It is how you apply and reapond to those failures that can  catapult you into success!!

From here on out, focus on that mental game and take your journeys to the next level!!