Well after all we live near one of the most popular beaches on the planet. Biceps curls work one of the most important beach muscle groups the......wait for it....BICEPS!!!

The curl has many different variations which hit the two heads of the biceps. The long head which is the part of the biceps that represents the “peak” and the short head of the biceps. 

As previously stated there are so many different variations to target the peak such as standing curls, preacher curls a some concentration curls. The short head can be hit with more of the barbell variations which hit that long and short head and target more mass and strength. 

Now the biceps curls unfortunately strengthen a muscle that truthfully is not a huge player in most strength exercises. Now if you are going for aesthetics and physique then hit those curls often!!

Please refer to the video to explain further and show some common variations and STAY BIG!!