What Is The ISI Scholarship Program?

The Myrtle Beach area has supported us, and we are excited to create the opportunity to create scholarships for people to train at ISI that financially can't afford group coaching like we do at our four Grand Strand facilities.  For every scholarship we raise money for, we are going to match that as a company with an additional scholarship.


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Are You...

  • Someone who financially can't afford ISI no matter how much you sacrifice?
  • Someone who needs to completely change their life, and be surrounded by a community?
  • Someone who feels like your life is potentially at risk because of your health?
  • Someone who needs ISI in their life?


apply Below

Step 1:  

Make a video no longer than 2 minutes explaining why you need this scholarship to ISI Elite Training for the next year of your life.

Step 2:

Tab the button below to go to the application form.

Step 3:

Fill out the application form in full and upload your video.


** Once all applications have been submitted, our scholarship committee will review all applications and reward the number of scholarships available at that time.  If you have applied before, you do not need to apply again. You will always be up for a scholarship.  

**  You will be required to make a minimum of four workouts per week to maintain your scholarship, so if you can not do that then please do not apply.