TRX Pull-up

TRX are very portable and very easy to pack up and take with you. Its a total body training system that allows you to do all sorts of exercises using your body weight. You have to use your core stabilizers to work out with TRX, so you build you core, strength, balance, agility and power.

TRX bands are great for all areas of the body but today we are going to talk about the TRX pull Up. The TRX pull ups is for fixing weakness of hands and shoulders or upper back. TRX pull ups can offer you a strong and flexible body, which can prevent spine injuries and lead to a stable position which eventually helps you in making the body get twisted and still keep intact. 

The Bicep Curl

For most people big biceps is the ultimate goal when it comes to training. The dumbbell curl is very important when training for bigger arms. When performing the bicep curl you want to get a a weight that you can move under control. During the Concentric phase of the lift you want the palms up and squeeze the bicep at the top of the lift. Where you will get most of your growth in the bicep is on the eccentric phase of the lift. During the eccentric phase you want to control the weight all the through full range of motion.   

The biceps serve as stabilizers for heavy compound lifts as well. Therefore, the stronger and bigger the bicep will give you a stronger squat, press and pull. Having endurance in the bicep will help you in everyday activities such as carrying groceries or holding a baby. These are just some benefits of having a big and strong bicep and big biceps just look cool! 

Chad Carlton 

The Most Important Meal of the Day

We here the saying all the time that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, why is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Eating a good and healthy breakfast is beneficial in many different ways. It will give the fuel and energy to start your morning. It also will jumpstart and fire up your metabolism. That means you'll will burn more calories throughout the day.

When you eat breakfast you are telling your body there are plenty of calories to had for the day. When you skip breakfast the message your body gets is that it needs to conserve rather than burn any incoming calories. Research show the ones who eat a nutritional breakfast has an lower body mass index and the ones who don't eat breakfast have a higher body mass index.

Eating a nutritional breakfast is beneficial in many ways. It is the most important meal of the day so DONT SKIP BREAKFAST

Chad Carlton

The Lunge

Today I want to talk about the lunge, something we do Monday and Thursday in our workouts. A lot of problems can occur from doing a lunge incorrectly. You could have knee problems if you are leaning forward too much you are putting a lot of extra pressure on your knee. 

I am going to first show you what incorrect form looks like with putting too much pressure on your front knee. When most people do a lunge, they have a small base with their legs too close together and lean forward on your front knee. Notice how my knee is past my ankle almost to my toes this is incorrect. 

Now I am going to show you the correct form for a lunge. Get a nice base, put that back foot behind you, and drop your back leg straight down, notice when i do this that my knee is right over of my ankle. This is what you want a lunge to look like. Let me show you with my other foot also. I get a nice long base drop my back leg straight down and keep your chest up and back flat. 


Power of the Push Up

One of the best full body movements that you can implicate in your workout routine is the push-ups. Push-ups are a compound movement meaning they work more than just one large muscle group. This movement works; legs, core, shoulders, chest, and arms. Push- ups are primarily used in chest workouts, but is a great movement for any workout routine. 

Tree mistakes I see while people are performing the push-ups is maintaining correct form, Shrugged shoulders and wide elbows, and not going through full range of motion. Most people with weak a core will have trouble maintaining proper form. This will either cause you drop your hips to the floor or drive your hips up in the air. Most think the wider the push up the stronger and more stability they will have. This position actually does the opposite. Its a weaker variation and can also cause shoulder pain with time. Lastly, most do not perform the pushup with full range of motion. Either stopping to before getting to 90 degrees or not getting full extension at the top of the movement.

Chad Carlton


Triceps Kickback

Like any exercise you can either vary from heavy weight with low reps or light weight with high reps. Something like the kickback is performed with lighter weight with high repetition. Very different from performing lets say a squat max.

With using the lighter weight you'll get much better triceps contraction.  When performing the kickback you want to have weight that you can control. The kickback is a very short movement and the triceps are under tension the whole time. So usually for growth people will use bench press, military press ect. to super-set with the triceps kickback.  To me the triceps kickback is one of the best triceps workout when done correctly. 

Chad Carlton

Mobility is Muscle Building

Stretching sucks i know! Not many people love to stretch but there are so many great benefits that come with stretching. I am going to cover three topic on how stretching can be beneficial for you.

One cool feature of mobility training is that it stimulates your body hormones to be in an muscle building state of mind. By relieving stress, and balancing out the excess of stress hormones, you put your body in a state where it will be more likely to build muscle and enhance strength.

Having good mobility can also help prevent injury.  If you are performing a movement but you do not have the range of motion to perform the movement correctly, it could result to injury. Keeping your muscles loose will benefit when you call on a certain muscle group those muscles will react better than muscle that are tight.

Lastly, pay attention and ask question when we are stretching during sessions. Its just as important to ask question about stretching as it is to ask question about the workout. Ask questions and get stronger with good mobility. 

Chad Carlton

The Importance of form

Proper technique in the fitness goes along way in the fitness world. It can have an effect on every exercise you do in your training. With improper technique and bad form come mediocre to no results and a waste of time.

Working on proper Techniques and form within your movements is the difference in hitting a new PR and developing an injury. No matter how strong you feel you are or your body is, lifting the smallest amount of weight, with bad form can cause you to develop an injury that will piss you off because you know through experience that you can train with way more weight. That's why its very important to listen to your body and your coach. They both will honestly tell you everything. Your coach should always want you to have the best knowledge of your exercise because that's what will get you your best results and those new PR. Your body lets you know if your doing it right or wrong through the awkard pains you will get that are different from the soreness that you get from different movements as well as your body may not fell anything fromo the movement which all may lead abck to improper form meaning your not doing it right eight out of ten times.

Its very important that you pay attention to your coach and body because they are your keys to letting you know if your doing your exercise with proper or improper form. So always pay attention and never be scared to ask question. We are here for you. We Want results, and better version of you, not injuries, blown out back or wasted time.

-Ishantii Rosser


The Deadlift

The Deadlift is arguably one of the best movements for overall strength there is. It engages almost every muscle in the legs when you are doing the lift. The major muscles involved are the gluteus maxims, quadriceps.

The benefits of the deadlift movement are improving overall total body strength, and especially the posterior chain. By strengthening the posterior chain, it can help you in overall well being and many other movements.

-Corbin Brown

Does lifting heavy weights make women BULKY?

Lifting weights will not make you bulky. Women do not make enough testosterone to be “bulky” like men. Having excess body fat is the only thing that will make you think you are bulky. After exercising some women feel more hungry and eat more food so being bulky can be a side effect but if you keep your nutrition in check then hitting your weight and strength goals without the “bulk” is very possible.


Rumor has it that you have to lift lighter weight with more reps and then you can be “toned”. The whole toned word is not what most think when they want their arms and legs to look defined. Being toned is a cause of losing fat around an area and most importantly gaining muscle to make the tone look. Lifting heavy like I have said before is not what makes you look “bulky” so you can lift as heavy as you are able. Remember that you should take heavier weights with great form to keep from getting injured. Lifting heavy is very beneficial and should not be avoided.


-Michael Dills


Stretching out the Run

Hey guys, so I sent out a video this week on the importance of a good warm up and stretch before your run. i just wanted to go a little deeper into the subject.


Warm muscles work best for any kind of exercise, especially running. Stretching those muscles after they are warm is the best idea. Once you are warmed up, go into some dynamic stretches because this can increase your spindle length and prepare your muscles for a run.


Dynamic stretching can help improve blood flow and help lubricate the joints. This type of stretching also involves moving your joints through their range of motion. 


The static stretch can also be used after the warm up and the dynamic stretches. make sure to always relax into your static stretch, never just jump right into it. make sure you are breathing at a normal rhythm when doing so. This to can cause injury.


Static stretches can be more beneficial after the run. They help to restore muscle length and to relax the muscles.


So now that we know we need to warm up and stretch. What muscles do we stretch? Runners should stretch the major leg muscles like your calves, hamstrings, quads, groin, and hip flexors.


That's it guys, good luck running. make sure to warm up and stretch.

Baby Got Back

Nowadays everyone tends to work the front of the body.

"The show muscles" that includes; the chest, arms, abs, and quads. 

Most of the chains tend to go un worked. In performance training, you work your "go muscles". The muscles of the posterior chain ( the back of the body), which fires the engine for most of your athletic movements; your traps, lats, triceps glutes, hamstrings and hip mobilizers, all of which work together to provide you with stability, power and total body strength. 

In performance training the Romanian dead lift is one of the best workouts for stability and strength training. The Romanian dead lift increases mobility in your hips, due to the straighter leg position. The RDL focuses on your glutes and hamstrings more than the conventional deadlift, because the quads don't contribute as much. It improves dynamic flexibility, especially in your hamstrings and lower back. 

The RDL is a great strength and muscle builder on its own, but also compliments the deadlift, snatch, and clean pull.   It's a great work out for athletes or any individual.