Baby Got Back

Nowadays everyone tends to work the front of the body.

"The show muscles" that includes; the chest, arms, abs, and quads. 

Most of the chains tend to go un worked. In performance training, you work your "go muscles". The muscles of the posterior chain ( the back of the body), which fires the engine for most of your athletic movements; your traps, lats, triceps glutes, hamstrings and hip mobilizers, all of which work together to provide you with stability, power and total body strength. 

In performance training the Romanian dead lift is one of the best workouts for stability and strength training. The Romanian dead lift increases mobility in your hips, due to the straighter leg position. The RDL focuses on your glutes and hamstrings more than the conventional deadlift, because the quads don't contribute as much. It improves dynamic flexibility, especially in your hamstrings and lower back. 

The RDL is a great strength and muscle builder on its own, but also compliments the deadlift, snatch, and clean pull.   It's a great work out for athletes or any individual.