Mobility is Muscle Building

Stretching sucks i know! Not many people love to stretch but there are so many great benefits that come with stretching. I am going to cover three topic on how stretching can be beneficial for you.

One cool feature of mobility training is that it stimulates your body hormones to be in an muscle building state of mind. By relieving stress, and balancing out the excess of stress hormones, you put your body in a state where it will be more likely to build muscle and enhance strength.

Having good mobility can also help prevent injury.  If you are performing a movement but you do not have the range of motion to perform the movement correctly, it could result to injury. Keeping your muscles loose will benefit when you call on a certain muscle group those muscles will react better than muscle that are tight.

Lastly, pay attention and ask question when we are stretching during sessions. Its just as important to ask question about stretching as it is to ask question about the workout. Ask questions and get stronger with good mobility. 

Chad Carlton