Does lifting heavy weights make women BULKY?

Lifting weights will not make you bulky. Women do not make enough testosterone to be “bulky” like men. Having excess body fat is the only thing that will make you think you are bulky. After exercising some women feel more hungry and eat more food so being bulky can be a side effect but if you keep your nutrition in check then hitting your weight and strength goals without the “bulk” is very possible.


Rumor has it that you have to lift lighter weight with more reps and then you can be “toned”. The whole toned word is not what most think when they want their arms and legs to look defined. Being toned is a cause of losing fat around an area and most importantly gaining muscle to make the tone look. Lifting heavy like I have said before is not what makes you look “bulky” so you can lift as heavy as you are able. Remember that you should take heavier weights with great form to keep from getting injured. Lifting heavy is very beneficial and should not be avoided.


-Michael Dills