Stretching out the Run

Hey guys, so I sent out a video this week on the importance of a good warm up and stretch before your run. i just wanted to go a little deeper into the subject.


Warm muscles work best for any kind of exercise, especially running. Stretching those muscles after they are warm is the best idea. Once you are warmed up, go into some dynamic stretches because this can increase your spindle length and prepare your muscles for a run.


Dynamic stretching can help improve blood flow and help lubricate the joints. This type of stretching also involves moving your joints through their range of motion. 


The static stretch can also be used after the warm up and the dynamic stretches. make sure to always relax into your static stretch, never just jump right into it. make sure you are breathing at a normal rhythm when doing so. This to can cause injury.


Static stretches can be more beneficial after the run. They help to restore muscle length and to relax the muscles.


So now that we know we need to warm up and stretch. What muscles do we stretch? Runners should stretch the major leg muscles like your calves, hamstrings, quads, groin, and hip flexors.


That's it guys, good luck running. make sure to warm up and stretch.