The Importance of form

Proper technique in the fitness goes along way in the fitness world. It can have an effect on every exercise you do in your training. With improper technique and bad form come mediocre to no results and a waste of time.

Working on proper Techniques and form within your movements is the difference in hitting a new PR and developing an injury. No matter how strong you feel you are or your body is, lifting the smallest amount of weight, with bad form can cause you to develop an injury that will piss you off because you know through experience that you can train with way more weight. That's why its very important to listen to your body and your coach. They both will honestly tell you everything. Your coach should always want you to have the best knowledge of your exercise because that's what will get you your best results and those new PR. Your body lets you know if your doing it right or wrong through the awkard pains you will get that are different from the soreness that you get from different movements as well as your body may not fell anything fromo the movement which all may lead abck to improper form meaning your not doing it right eight out of ten times.

Its very important that you pay attention to your coach and body because they are your keys to letting you know if your doing your exercise with proper or improper form. So always pay attention and never be scared to ask question. We are here for you. We Want results, and better version of you, not injuries, blown out back or wasted time.

-Ishantii Rosser