Power of the Push Up

One of the best full body movements that you can implicate in your workout routine is the push-ups. Push-ups are a compound movement meaning they work more than just one large muscle group. This movement works; legs, core, shoulders, chest, and arms. Push- ups are primarily used in chest workouts, but is a great movement for any workout routine. 

Tree mistakes I see while people are performing the push-ups is maintaining correct form, Shrugged shoulders and wide elbows, and not going through full range of motion. Most people with weak a core will have trouble maintaining proper form. This will either cause you drop your hips to the floor or drive your hips up in the air. Most think the wider the push up the stronger and more stability they will have. This position actually does the opposite. Its a weaker variation and can also cause shoulder pain with time. Lastly, most do not perform the pushup with full range of motion. Either stopping to before getting to 90 degrees or not getting full extension at the top of the movement.

Chad Carlton