The Lunge

Today I want to talk about the lunge, something we do Monday and Thursday in our workouts. A lot of problems can occur from doing a lunge incorrectly. You could have knee problems if you are leaning forward too much you are putting a lot of extra pressure on your knee. 

I am going to first show you what incorrect form looks like with putting too much pressure on your front knee. When most people do a lunge, they have a small base with their legs too close together and lean forward on your front knee. Notice how my knee is past my ankle almost to my toes this is incorrect. 

Now I am going to show you the correct form for a lunge. Get a nice base, put that back foot behind you, and drop your back leg straight down, notice when i do this that my knee is right over of my ankle. This is what you want a lunge to look like. Let me show you with my other foot also. I get a nice long base drop my back leg straight down and keep your chest up and back flat.