Our Story

Shortly after graduating from Coastal Carolina University our founder, Adam Rice, opened a small personal training studio called Beachbody Fitness in Conway.  After two years in business, it was time to expand into a bigger brand and building…

In 2013 the brand ISI Elite Training was born.  ISI stands for IRON SHARPENS IRON from the bible verse proverbs 27:17, “as iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another.”  From Adam’s experience in playing NCAA Division 1 baseball, and through his early years of coaching he quickly noticed that the people who were getting results in their life were constantly surrounded by one another.  He also recognized that the people who found excuses and consistent reasons to why they couldn’t get results, also surrounded themselves with one another.  One thing was very clear, we are all a product of our environment.  

It was our mission to set up a diverse culture that is blind to societies current barriers.  We wanted to create a place that was family based, high energy, delivered a game changing experience, and rallied around the concept of community and team.

Three years later, we now have 4 locations and over 600 members in the Grand Strand community.

Check out the video from our founder below.