Training Philosophy

Our industry leading training system has been designed and proven for all fitness levels.  Whether you have an extensive fitness background and looking for the extra push, or haven’t worked out in 10+ years and don’t know where to start, ISI is for you.  We will meet you where your at and provide safe and proper modifications and progressions to meet all fitness levels.  

What Is A.B.T.?

  One On One

One On One

  Athletic Performance Training

Athletic Performance Training


ABT stands for Athletic Based Training which is our group training program.  Athletes are the most functional and highest performing people in society, so our philosophy adapts the concept of training like an athlete.  No matter if your 7 or 77 we are going to train you like an athlete under modified and safe conditions that meet you at your current fitness level.  Check out this video to learn more.


Month to Month Membership: $159.99 per month

Annual Membership: $129.99 per month

Student: $99.99 per month with a 3 month agreement (full time 12 credit hours)

Family Rate: $119.99 each per month



One on one

1 on 1 Personal Coaching is our most custom program we offer.  You will be working with an ISI coach in a one on one setting with custom workouts for optimal results.  


3 Pack: $79 (intro price, can be used 1x)

10 Pack: $399

20 Pack: $699

50 Pack: $1,499






speed and agility training

If you are an athlete wanting to maximize your potential, then look no further.  We have coached hundreds of athletes that have gone on to play NCAA collegiate athletics and professional sports.  Our speed program will help you get quicker, faster, and ready to take your game to the next level!  


Ages 8-18: $79.99 per month