Our Nutritional Philosophy here at ISI is to help you understand more of a lifelong healthy lifestyle instead of another crash diet.  We want to teach you how to be intentional about food choices, we want to surround you with community, and we want you to invest in yourself.


Choose the food you’re putting into your body.  No one is telling you to not eat another cookie but no one is encouraging you to eat a dozen.  Don’t give in and say, “oh well i’ll start again Monday.”  Wrong.  Put down the sugar and carry on with healthy choices.  The more items in your grocery cart that will go bad in a week, the better.  Buy REAL food.  Read labels of things you’re putting in your body.  If you can’t pronounce it then you most likely shouldn’t consume it.


If you’re the only one in your house choosing healthy options, tell us!  We are here to encourage you to stay on track.  We are here to pick you up when you fall down.  Find a buddy here that can you and maybe swap a meal or two with you.  Also, surround yourself with healthy options.  Don’t make the excuse that you didn’t have anything else so you had to eat the donuts.  If you fail to prepare, then you’re preparing yourself to fail.  So go pack that apple and nuts in your bag before you forget!


Think of all the things you’re invested in.  They take time, sweat, and probably money.  Don’t give up on yourself.  You are important.  You are worth the time, sweat, and money.  With that being said, give your body what it’s made for - proteins, good fats, veggies, fruit, and water.  Did we mention veggies?  Invest your time into choosing to eat to live instead of living to eat.  We are what we eat.  Don’t eat mindlessly or wait until you’re hungry.  Give your body fuel every few hours.  Choose to say, “my body is worth more than those cheap brownies.” You can do this!