ISI® Elite Training Franchise Owner Reviews

Our owners open up about why they love ISI® Elite Training

You can’t have a great franchise system without great franchise owners. ISI® Elite Training is home to some of the most passionate, intelligent, and savvy franchise owners in the entire franchise industry.

They exemplify what it means to own businesses that make an outsized impact. Day-in and day-out, our franchise owners help members transform themselves for the better, forge meaningful relationships, and build communities based on shared accountability and strength.


While our franchise owners share a passion for fitness, they all come from diverse backgrounds and professions. Some of our franchise owners are still in their careers, some own multiple businesses and franchise concepts, and for some ISI® Elite Training franchise owners, this is their first venture into entrepreneurship.

We’re proud to have them all in our franchise family, and we’re even prouder of the impact they’re making in their communities.

We Rise As One

Here is what our franchise owners have to say about their businesses:

“I’ve been in real-estate for over 15 years, and I only get paid when I’m on the clock. If I take a vacation, I really take a hit in terms of my earning potential. So when I decided to look into business ownership, I wanted a business that wasn’t about me and my time, that could create cash flow, and grow without me having to put in all of my time. The reason why I purchased three locations with ISI® is because this business model really allows me to do exactly that. My career in real-estate is just a sales job, but my ISI® locations are building communities and really transforming people’s lives – and that is something I’m very passionate about.”

Brandon Jackson, owner of three ISI® Elite Training franchise locations.


“My husband and I looked at a bunch of different franchise concepts, including hair care, retail, food, and more. When we became members at our local ISI® location, we realized that this was a business we could get behind. My husband and I always talked about being business owners, and when we met the headquarters team, we felt confident to take the leap. We wanted financial freedom, we wanted control of our future, and we wanted to own a business that we could be proud of. We can be proud of the impact that we’re having with ISI®, not only because we’re helping people realize their goals, but because it feels like home when you walk through the door. It’s so rewarding knowing that it’s our facilities that are growing a community and supporting families. We’re so excited about the future.”

Elizabeth Kiefer, owner of three ISI® Elite Training franchise locations.


“To see where ISI® has grown since we’ve started is incredible. I was location number nine, and already they have over 70 locations awarded. The executive team, and especially our Founder & CEO, Adam Rice, are so hands-on. They’re available whenever you need them, and they continue to strengthen the level of support they offer to their franchise owners. The community at ISI® is very real. From our members to our franchise owners to the headquarters team, it’s all just one giant family. Everyone supports each other, and that’s the reason why we’re growing so fast. Now is a great time to get in because there is so much opportunity to grow with this brand, and the sky’s the limit as far as how big it can get.”

Laila Tafazzoli, owner of one ISI® Elite Training franchise location.

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